• Name: Malcolm Reynolds TAKEN
  • Age: 36
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual 
  • Occupation: Captain
  • Face Claim: Nathan Fillion

Post-Miranda Update:
Brown Coat, through and through. Captain Malcolm Reynolds knows whats right, or, at least, thereabouts. Okay, so, everything is a bit of a grey are, really, but he knows there’s a line you just don’t cross. A line that the Alliance blew sky high and then waltzed all over with Miranda. He’s told the ‘verse what happened, and he ain’t regretted it a day since. 

His ship is flying, his crew is alive and eating well, and there are jobs a-plenty. Mal could be jumpin’ sky-high, but he knows better. He’s a seasoned man, he’ll admit, and he knows better then to count his eggs before they’re lain. This silence from the Alliance? The lack of pursuit? He doesn’t buy it for one second. He thinks something is up, and he’s not gonna sit around and let it happen.

Then again, Inara has also been awfully nice lately. It’s hard to stay focused on gettin’ prepared for the Purple-Bellies when the ship’s atmosphere is so gorram chipper. He’s getting a touch caught up in all the shiny, and if’n something doesn’t happen, and quick-like, well, he might just begin to enjoy himself.